The Gallery

A step back in time, a look into the future, while enjoying the present. Built in 1900, the Gallery showcases 10-foot ceilings, original in-laid hardwood floors and trim which were handcrafted from trees grown on the property.  Rocco Schiralli, a lifelong artist, offers his personal collection and rarely shared works to the public in this beautiful historic venue. Brother John Schiralli offers his handcrafted woodwork and sister Terry Tsirtsis (Schiralli) offers her intricately detailed hand- crafted greeting cards. And then there is the café!  Café Cozy, run by Tammy Rose-Schiralli, will offer an ever-changing menu, with classic originals, infused with flavors from around the globe. The Café will also serve wine and mimosas. Enjoy a glass as you explore the gallery!

Amare! (Enjoy!)

Vivilo! (Live it up!)

Your hosts, Rocco and Tammy

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